5 Books About Online Poker You Must Read

Poker is a game of intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence. If you want to have a good winning rate while playing poker online, you have to not only understand the fundamentals of the game, but master the art so that you could play better than your opponent. There is no such thing as the best move, but a better move. Your passion to learn makes all the difference as implement those learning to be a relatively better player every day. The best way to start learning is to read books written by professional poker players. The insight of the poker mind helps you understand the game from an experts’ perspective and play accordingly.

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Here are some top five best poker books to help you learn and improve your poker skills.


Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen


This masterpiece of poker is all about sharing the personal experience of winning a tournament. You get the pulse of the professional player and understand what goes inside the mind when you are playing to outlast 700 professional and win million dollars. This book is more like a “window into the mind of” a professional poker player who once was among the top 10 players in the global ranking. The innovative concept, steller content and practical presentation make it a worthy read. Gus Hansen takes you through the thought process involved in over 300 hands played to win a tournament.


Harrington on Hold’em Vol. 1: Strategic Play & Vol. 2 Endgame


Dan Harrington, the author of one of the most influential masterpieces ever written, takes you through the dynamics of poker tournament and explain strategic concepts like M-ratios. The winner of WSOP 1995 main even with career earnings of over $6.5 million shares great insights about the tournament strategies in the multi-volume collection. If you want to feel the pulse of the climax in the final stage, the second volume specifically deals with the complexity of Endgame https://poker1001.pro/.


The Raiser’s Edge by Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier


If you want to understand the intricacy of online poker tournament strategy, this book by a professional with over $13 million earning is a must-read. This book elaborates on how to use Loose Aggressive Game (LAG) style at the right stage and spots and when to shift to the hyper-LAG approach. That’s not all, ElkY tells you how to defend against a hyper-aggressive player on the table. The book gives you a good insight into player profiling and body language.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky


This is a “classic” masterpiece in poker space. If you want to understand the intricacy of the poker this 24 old classic will help you. It will make you understand the fundamentals of the game from a logical and mathematical perspective. Sklansky, with over $1.3 million earnings and three-time World Serice bracelet winner, helps you understand what factors influence the decision making.


Caro’s Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro 


If you want to master the art of behavioral reading the 320-page book by Mike Caro is a must for you. The author takes you through several body language tips that could be of great help while playing poker online. Every possible human gesture has ben explained from the poker players’ perspective. By the time you will finish 20 tells, you will have enough understanding to start the contextual self-interpretation.


Learning is the key to success in online poker. You have to keep yourself open to all types of learning. Try practicing in the live atmosphere so that you could improve your winning rate. You have to keep in mind that almost all professional poker players read these books. So, it is not just about reading but assimilating and using it in the right context that matters. Keep on learning and earning!