A Review of the ConvertIDor’s Method of Receiving Your Customers

For anyone looking to achieve success with their professional networking or even home business, the ConvertIDor offers a different means of reaching potential customers and clients. They have developed a program that will provide you with a free ID number that you can give out to any potential customer as a sign of endorsement from a trustworthy source. The way they go about this is by providing you with your own web page on their site where you can include the link back to their page, where you will be able to place your ID number into. The user on the other end will be able to quickly reach you to obtain your product or service.

All you have to do is put in the number you want the person to call and your web page will guide them through the process of being able to call you. They will be given a number to call that will work alongside your personal toll free number. The drawback with the unit is that you will only be able to use it once per year. You will be able to renew your number by visiting their site on the internet. Since you are only going to be given a one-time use ID number, it is still more convenient than having to constantly call to find out where your new number is, which can be very annoying.

The reason the convertidor mp3 works so well is because the whole purpose of the business is to create long term relationships with your clients. Once they have been referred to you, they will be able to use your ID for everything from gift giving to calling in. The key to this method is that the person who you refer will be getting all the same benefits and privileges you receive.