Choosing the Right Web Design Company for You

In this age and time, more and more companies are offering web design services in Egypt. Most of them offer good and modern website designs. Now, how you should choose from all of these companies?

Check Their Portfolio

Before deciding on which web design & development company in Egypt for your project. Ask them about their portfolio. Good web design companies should have a pretty well managed portfolio. This portfolio should have websites from different industries, unless you are looking for a specialized website design company.

Check Their Prices

After making notes about the good website design companies, check for their website costs. Now a days a professional website cost in Egypt starts from $799 (Paid in USD or EGP).

Website Hosting Environment

A good web solutions company in Egypt should have a good web hosting environment. All hosting should have SSD disk space, cpanel management, apache optimized stack, caching, and high speed network. Ask these companies about their hosting, and what are the features you are getting for your money?

Technical Support

All good web design companies should offer you good technical support. Ask about the kind of support you will be getting. Is it by phone? Or by email? A ticketing system?

Technical support should include website related issues like database errors, log monitoring, and hosting monitoring and maintenance.

Responsive Web Design

Make sure that the company is offering responsive website design, and how much will it cost. Offering responsive web design helps you convert mobile users to clients, and buyers. Follow the most up-to-date responsive design best practices, and have a look at your website performance.