Cricket – Beyond the Boundary

Many people consider cricket forum the best way to get information regarding any particular series or match as people also talk about every aspect of the latest match like the score, result and performance of teams. Through this innovative medium, you not only share views but can also get valuable information regarding cricket. Social networking is something really very useful that these kinds of forums provide. Virat Kohli can easily find people with same interest and that definitely helps them to make new friends and stay in touch with them.

There is nothing as wonderful as sharing thoughts about your favorite game with varied people of the globe. Many people avoid joining cricket forums as they assume that one should have sufficient knowledge of cricket to join a forum. People who have true interest in cricket and want to know more about it can also join the forum. The forums do not restrict any member for discussing about the cricket only; one can discuss the personal lives of his/her favorite cricket legend to know about him closely.

Two thousand eleven brings the Cricket World Cup to you, the biggest one day cricket tournament for some time to come. It does not matter how many other cricket tournaments are around the corner including Twenty Twenty IPL tournament but the World cup is a totally different ball game with intense emotions and sense of patriotism involved in each and every game and each and every cricket fans hearts. If we ask fans from each country “Who will win Cricket World Cup 2011?” the response would be the wish and hope that their own country wins it. This cricket world cup is very special, the reasons beings; one, it is played in subcontinent where players are gods and stadiums are battle fields.

The love and passion which one can find in subcontinent can not be seen anywhere in the world. Two, subcontinent pitches are high scoring; add to it the small size of the stadiums, you may expect more sixes and fours hit in this world cup than in any past cricket world cups. Three, the majority of teams are in great form. You can not name a single team which is not expected to give more than 100 percent in this tournament. We do not know who will win this year’s cricket world cup but I have made a few tarot cards and cartomancy predictions as to the expected performances of the teams involved in this cricket world cup 2011. (Namely)

Australia: Tarot cards show that Australian cricket team in this edition of Cricket world cup would experience unexpected good news and also team will reap the reward of its energy and efforts and might be recognised for the same. Outcome will be happy which will give emotional joy and happiness. They will face no difficulty and no obstruction will be on their way. This team might get gift which they must have expected. This might be another cricket world cup win for them.