Factors to consider when choosing sleeping bags

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A good sleeping bag is a must have for any person that likes to go for hikes and other outdoor activities. Most sleeping bags are usually very comfortable and easy to use. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are numerous types of sleeping bags made differently. When selecting the perfect sleeping bag to purchase from FN shopnow, you have to put the following factors into consideration.

Weather conditions

The weather conditions of a specific period greatly affect your choice of sleeping bag. Will it be too hot, cold or rainy? If it’s a rainy season, ensure that you’ve bought a waterproof sleeping bag. Cold seasons will require a sleeping bag that’s able to keep you warm while hot seasons will require a light sleeping bag. It is important to purchase sleeping bags that are breathable for proper air circulation.

Quality of material used

The quality of the material used to make your sleeping bag determines how long the bag serves you. It is important to note the temperatures inside a sleeping bag are determined by the insulating pads used to make the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags made of foam core pads are usually warmer compared to those made out of air core pads.

Size and shape of the bag

It is advisable to go for rectangular shaped sleeping bags. This is because such bags are made in a way that they can fit any body shape. You can confirm whether or not the sleeping fits you before you buy it, by checking its measurements. Avoid those bags with limited space because they restrict body movements during the night which makes one uncomfortable.

Portability of the sleeping bag

You should buy a sleeping bag that you can easily carry. The most advisable weight for a sleeping bag is anything below three pounds. Anything heavier than that should be avoided.