How to Use a Free Bitcoin Generator

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The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was introduced into the market in the year 2009. It has gained a lot of popularity since then because of the high success it has been recording. There are many bitcoin companies that have been started to accommodate the growing market.

One of the new trends in the bitcoin market is the use of bitcoin generators. The bitcoin generator has been widely accepted because it doubles the investments made by traders. This article will help you learn how to use your bitcoin generator.

The first step is to get a bitcoin generator installed on your desktop. You should also have a reliable and secure internet connection for the software to function properly.

You can now start the process of generating more bitcoins once all the basic set up is completed. Begin by copying the bitcoin wallet address into the deposit bar. This step will open a wallet window where you can move your sum to.

The next step is to click on the send button. Paste the address for the bitcoin deposit window here so that the bitcoin software can begin doubling your money. You should get a notification within some few minutes indicating that the payment has been successfully completed. From here, the bitcoin currency is converted into the currency used by the software and then the money gets doubled.

You can confirm the amount deposited and the one doubled by clicking on the deposit button. Click on the refresh button to get the summary of your transaction.

To withdraw your money, open your bitcoin wallet and then click on the receive button. You will see a pop-up notification with a certain address. Copy the address and paste it on withdraw bar then click on the withdraw button. This process should take some time but upon completion, you will get a notification showing that the bitcoins have been received.

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