Moon Chairs and Butterfly Chairs

If you are looking to spruce up your living room or your bedroom but you are pressed for space, you should know that you have great options in new chairs that can dramatically change up the look of your living room. You can choose a great moon chair that is ideal for lounging or you can choose a great butterfly chair that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. Chairs are great and practical for someone to spruce up their living room if they are on a budget. Chairs will never go out of style unlike more outrageous decor or furniture, and chairs come in a wide range of prices so you can afford an inexpensive butterfly chair for when you take it out to the ball game for your children or when you just want to lounge in the backyard and pop open a beer to enjoy with your buddies.

Moon chairs are typically round shaped chairs that you can curl up in if you get a nice cushion. The frame can vary from rattan to steel to wicker, and can give a great tropical feeling to your room. Moon chairs are unique furniture that can really show case your tastes when you are trying to differentiate your room from everyone else’s room. These will be great if you make good choices of cushions. If you are aiming for a kid’s room, you should get darker colored cushions so you won’t be stuck doing the laundry every weekend. You can also get great cushions in your child’s favorite characters. The possibilities are limitless if you are crafty.

What are the great benefits to butterfly chairs? These chairs are classically timeless with none of the expenses! These are great outdoor chairs because they are foldable and save so much space when you don’t have much. They are very versatile in their covers as you can go as cheap as plastic and as expensive as genuine leather. These are attractive chairs that are also portable so you can carry them to the next soccer game and have a great time not worrying about dirtying your pants and just sit back and enjoy the views. These are also great for indoors as it was designed for comfort and aesthetics. Once you know what you are looking for in both your decor and determine your budget, you too can get great moon chairs or butterfly chairs.