Tech Suggestion – How to Import Your Weblog Into Your Facebook Account

Numerous of my consumers are inquiring about how to import their blogs into their Facebook page. With Social Media being all the buzz, it is crucial to realize how to easily insert information and content material. What better way than to submit articles from your website?! Now this ought to not be the ONLY material on your Facebook account. Don’t forget to use it to develop connections with customers, prospects as properly as family members and close friends. Men and women will do enterprise with people they like. buy facebook accounts is what Social Media Advertising and marketing is all about.

Right here are some fundamental directions for importing your site on to Facebook:

Very first, identify the Feedburner feed hyperlink for your blog.
Open your Fb, then click on the “Software” button on the bottom left of the webpage.
Click on on “Notes” (you might require to scroll to see it.)
When the Notes page arrives up, click on the “Import a blog »” hyperlink in the “Notes Configurations” location.
Now enter your Feedburner feed website link for your site. (It must appear like
Check the box for “By getting into a URL, you depict that you have the correct to permit us to reproduce this material on the Facebook internet site and that the articles is not obscene or illegal.”
Simply click the “Begin Importing” button.
Fb need to then show you a preview of the imported site
Scroll down and review to make certain every thing appears proper
Then Click “Import”

Voila! Now when you submit on your site it will also display up on your Facebook profile.