What Are the Best, Free Classified Ad Sites to Advertise Your Apartments-For-Rent Besides Craigslist

There are over a hundred of online classified ad sites that will advertise your apartment or rental property for free. A quick search on Alexa for “free classified ad site” returns over 120 results. There are plenty of free classified ad sites on the Internet to advertise your apartment or house for rent.

What separates the best from the worst is the number of visitors that each free classified ad site has. This is the best indicator of how yeebia classified ads and active a site is. The number of monthly visitors for these free classified ad sites can range from 1 to millions.

But, just because something is free doesn’t mean that it is cost effective and produces qualified leads. Although these sites may not charge a fee for posting your rental ads, there are other costs associated with posting classified ads.

Your time and labor is the primary cost that must be addressed when considering posting to free classified ad sites. It takes time and labor to post ads and some sites are easier to post to than others. Why waste time posting to sites with little to no traffic which produces zero leads?

Wasting time is equivalent to wasting money! Sites with minimum traffic aren’t worth posting to and aren’t cost effective.

There are a few sites which receive enough traffic to justify allocating the time to post your free classified rental ads. But unless you can automate posting to these sites, it will cost even more time to post your ad to all of the free sites.

The real question you should ask is, “How can I get more leads from Craigslist?” When you approach your online advertising from this perspective you’ll be much more successful. Advertising on the Internet is about getting more from less. Focus on learning how to make your Craigslist ads more effective and you will begin to see better results.