Where to look for an executive recruiter

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You are probably aware of the benefits of hiring an executive recruitment firm but you have no idea about where to find the best one. Most people believe that the best way to find a good executive recruiter is through referrals. This may not always be the best option when you have a new business or are in need of top-notch candidates. It is advisable that you consult with a firm that has the best resources in executive recruitment thailand for you to get the desired results. Here are some of the things that you should look out for when searching for an executive recruiter.

Track record

Make sure you hire an executive recruitment firm that has at least 75% repeated customers and a completion rate that is higher than 85%.

Search results

Each firm has a specific number of candidates that they source, contact and interview for each assignment. You should ensure that these figures meet your personal requirements.


You should obviously expect to get limited attention if you hire a firm which has more than two current assignments. The quality of services which are offered by an experienced employee in the recruitment firm cannot be substituted by the junior associates.


The executive recruitment firm is meant to be involved directly in the whole process and not to oversee it. There are many firms which send their most seasoned recruiter to secure an assignment from the client but the work is then passed on to the junior associates. You should find out if there are other people that get involved in your assignment and the roles that they will have.

Industry specialist.

There is a huge difference between an industry specialist and an industry generalist. You should note that a recruitment firm that is an industry specialist has higher chances of completing the task efficiently and quickly.