5 Safe High School Fundraising Ideas that Work

How to make selling safe for high school students

Safety is often assumed but not discussed before starting a high school fundraiser. Sponsors place most of the emphasis on pushing the product and selling. Older students should be old enough to know better. They can take care of themselves right? At least this is what we’re led to believe.

Before implementing any new high school fundraising ideas be sure to consider safety. How will your students be selling your product? Are there any potential concerns? Here are some important things you’ll want to discuss with your students.

    1. Don’t Approach Strangers

Emphasize no door to door selling. It’s true, in a way selling is a numbers game. Many students feel the more people they approach the better, right. Quality will always win out in the end over quantity. It’s “who” you talk to, not “how many” people. Strangers usually don’t buy from people they don’t know.

Stress with your students to only approach friends and family. The reason is obvious. They are more apt to buy because they have a vested interest in them.

Examples of potential customers include extended family, neighbour’s, and close family friends.

Also, consider having your students make a prospect list of people to approach.

  1. Don’t Carry Too Much Cash

This one makes a lot of sense and is sometimes easier said than done. Try not to reveal that you’re carrying money. And whatever you have in your possession, keep it hidden in an envelope.

Once you’ve accumulated a good amount of money, drop it off at home before continuing. There are 2 payment methods that are safer than cash:

  1. Writing a check is a good option because their always made out to the organization.
  2. Consider offering payment using credit or debit cards. Many companies now offer this option and it’s convenient for the buyer. Be sure to remember to have them place the order on the order form.
  1. Reinforce the Buddy System 

Team selling is never a bad idea. Take turns getting the sale. Once you’ve had a chance to make a sale, let your classmate go next. Also, consider asking a brother or sister, mom, or dad to tag along. A little companionship can never hurt. 

  1. Get Family Members Involved

The students who end up selling the most are able to get others to help them. Get your students to ask their parents to take their brochure to work and ask their colleagues to buy. Grandma may also know people at church or at her weekly bridge game. You get the point.

  1. Promote High School Fundraising Online

It’s always good if you’re can offer your students more than one way to raise money. These days, most brochure fundraisers offer selling in the way of an online store. You should promote your store as much as you do sales through the brochure.

Many parents will only allow their students to fundraise by promoting online shopping. With the proper supervision, it’s safer than door to door selling. Students can also reach more people in less time.

Sellers can take advantage of the various sales tools such as email and texting. Times have changed. Online sales now account for a large percentage of the profits, and for many schools, the majority.

Social media is another great way to advertise your fundraiser. You can share your company’s online store link, and encourage family members to do the same. Many companies provide automated social media tools. Students who leverage these resources generally experience more success than those who don’t.