Shipping a Package to Brazil Made Simple

Shipping a package to Brazil could be intimidating to someone who hasn’t ever shipped an international package before. However, there are more options available for those whose packages final destination is Brazil than there are options for those who are shipping packages overseas. Here are some simple steps you can take to ship a package to Brazil.

Decide on a Method

Do you want to ship your package by air or land? There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both shipping methods. logistics companies


It is much cheaper to ship a package by land than it is by air. In addition, there are more carriers that will ship packages by land. The disadvantages are that it takes longer to arrive at the destination, and also the trucks that the packages travel on must clear customs every time that they cross a border into another country.


Air is more expensive, but your packages will arrive faster. In addition, your package will only go through one set of customs, as it will land in your destination country.

Decide on a Carrier

There are many carriers to choose from. Take a look at four or five different companies that offer shipping services internationally. Compare their prices and the services that you get for the price. You will also need to take note of any extra cost of additional services you desire, such as insurance, Collect on Delivery service, or white glove delivery.

Make sure your Package conforms to Carrier’s Specifications

Once you decide on a carrier, take note on their specifications on how your packages must be packed. If special boxes or tape is required, make sure that you get it from the carrier and follow their instructions so that you don’t have to re-package your shipment.

Fill out Customs Forms

You will have to fill out customs forms in order to ship a package to Brazil. Make sure you obtain the paperwork early on and get help filling out the necessary areas if you need it. Sometimes your carrier will assist you in completing this step, so be sure to ask them first before seeking help elsewhere.

Shipping a package to Brazil isn’t that much harder than shipping a package to Colorado. However, there is a little bit more paperwork and a little bit more due diligence that must be done before simply placing your package in the mail and shipping it off to its final destination.