Why Should You Choose TAG Heuer Smartwatches Over Others?

TAG Heuer watches are undeniably handsome for both men and women. Each collection is built on a solid and robust platform that keeps them accurate always in time reading. The indigenous character is based on its design statement where toughness of architecture resides glamorously with a simplified look of the look. Recently, the brand has achieved a new high with introducing TAG Heuer smartwatches for you personally. Collaborating with Intel and Google, it has launched a smartwatch that performs away from imagination. This smartwatch was named TAG Heuer Connected since it connects you to the eternity. This season, the brand goes a step ahead and launches TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 – an updated and advanced version of the previous models.

After getting responses about its Connected watch from the wearers, the brand has made a decision to bring something extra erasing the shortfalls of the prior pieces. These new watches are awesome however you like and designs. They have functions that no other watch brands can provide you till date. They have come up with every reason that prompts you to buy these smartwatches should you be tech-savvy. Here several reasons are presented for you that definitely make you convinced that TAG smartwatches are better than others.

A collaboration between Silicon Valley and the Swiss timekeeping world:

With the launch of TAG Heuer Connected in 2015, the brand has made a bridge with the Silicon Valley by Associating with Intel – among the reputed techno giants across the world. The Connected Modular 45 may be the second venture where these two companies work together. Like before, they’re successful in developing a massive hit with this new development.

Together they design a metal watch that may support everything your smartphones do. The technology is so that it enables you to avail the functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS all from your watch. gps klocka för äldre may expect an unbeatable performance from this smartwatch that will definitely merge the gap between smartphones and watches.

A new experience provided by this watch:

It is no new that smartwatches alert you on your own important daily schedule. This TAG Connected Modular 45 does the same thing alongside offering additional features. You can track your improvements both professionally and personally. The watch in support of a sophisticated application adapts your day to day routine and keeps you informed whether you’re running slower or faster.

Wallet on your wrist:

You may be familiar with the phrase ‘wallet on your phone’. Did you ever hear wallet on your wrist before? With the tap-to-pay option offered by this smartwatch, you possibly can make payments from your own wrist. This very feature is actually amazing and attracts everyone who love watches more than their typical meaning – time readers.

Use your voice to command:

It is a common proven fact that your hands are engaged doing various other stuff, but you have to search things from the internet at the same time. What you did before is that you stopped your projects and typed the keyword on Google. Modular 45 manages your every need satisfyingly with offering you the needed features. A small microphone mounted on the watch is for listening to your commands only. This phone communicates with you through voice also.

Customise your watch as per your mood demands:

This watch is really a modular piece in a genuine sense. With an selection of styles and combinations, you never feel bored with this smartwatch. You can even participate in watchmaking and may enjoy crafting your personal watch as per your requirements.

The 500 new styles are included meticulously to create your fashion statement always new and refreshing. Additionally, 56 different versions of a watch are available at the house of TAG Heuer to offer you options in abundance. This Connected Modular 45 justifies its name fluently with offering unique and creative features that are never heard or used before. It is possible to personalise nearly everything, beginning with bracelet and horns to buckles and dials. Additionally, you can get hundreds of designing combination which are fashioned as per the style of 30 watch dials trends. The available 11 models at the store are enough to seize your focus on the TAG Heuer smartwatches. You may also turn your smartwatch into a mechanical watch or a famous Heuer 02T Tourbillon Chronograph just by some your finger.

Technicalities remain outstanding:

The inner look is as stronger because the outer look is fashionable. This innovation distinguishes TAG Heuer watches from others. Even though this can be a smartwatch, it never compromises with the fashion and style of time. The features are also more than satisfied in the event that you compare them making use of their contemporaries. The watch is made on the Intel� Atom? Z34XX processor. These watches are crafted with the features just like a 1.39″ AMOLED touchscreen display, sapphire crystal glass and 46GB memory. The titanium case holds the dial strongly giving a cushty touch to your wrist. With 50 meters water resistance, this watch remains unaffected from water in everyday use.